Zelenskyy PM Modi : पीएम मोदी से बातचीत से दंग रह गए जेलेंस्की, ट्वीट कर बताया- उन्हें क्या अच्छा लगा

Zelenskyy PM Modi – Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has thanked PM Modi. Zelensky and PM Modi talked for about 35 minutes today. Zelensky tweeted that PM Modi thanked the Indian citizens for the help being given to Indian citizens in the midst of the war.

पीएम मोदी से बातचीत से दंग रह गए जेलेंस्की

पीएम मोदी से बातचीत से दंग रह गए जेलेंस्की

Zelensky was stunned by the conversation with PM Modi and tweeted and said – what did he like?

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed gratitude during his conversation with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Zelensky tweeted that I told PM Modi about Ukraine’s response to Russia’s aggressive action. He said that India appreciated the assistance being extended to Indian citizens during the war and Ukraine’s commitment to direct talks at the top level.

Zelensky said that he is grateful to India for the help being given to the people of Ukraine. Earlier in a phone call on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for his cooperation in the evacuation of Indian citizens from the war-torn country. “During the 35-minute telephonic conversation, the two leaders discussed the evolving situation in Ukraine and Prime Minister Modi thanked President Zelensky for the help extended by the Ukrainian government in evacuating Indian nationals from Ukraine,” the sources said.

Modi’s second conversation with the leader of Ukraine

This was Modi’s second interaction with the Ukrainian leader since Russia launched a military offensive on Kyiv on February 24. The first conversation took place on 26 February. The prime minister is also expected to speak to Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces said on Monday it would open humanitarian corridors in some Ukrainian cities from 10 a.m. (Moscow time, around 12.30 p.m.) to allow civilians access at their “personal request”.

State media reported that French President Emmanuel Macron met with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. In a statement, the Russian military said, “In view of the catastrophic humanitarian situation and its rapid escalation in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy and Mariupol, as well as at the personal request of the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, the Russian Armed Forces called for a ceasefire.” Announced and opened humanitarian corridors.’ The BBC said the four mentioned cities are currently under a ‘significant’ Russian offensive operation.

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