Putin made Imran Khan, who considered himself Teesmaar Khan, as ‘clown’

Putin made Imran Khan – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan considers himself Teesmar Khan, but Russian President Vladimir Putin used him as a clown. Putin succeeded in his objective by calling Khan to Moscow just before the attack on Ukraine.

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Putin made Imran Khan

Putin made Imran Khan, who considered himself Teesmaar Khan, as ‘clown’

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan may be calling his visit to Russia an achievement, but the reality is that Vladimir Putin used him as a ‘scapegoat’. Imran had reached Moscow at a time when Russia was finalizing preparations for an attack on Ukraine. Actually, Putin wanted the world’s attention to shift away from his preparations to some other issue and Imran’s visit was part of this. That is, Khan who considers himself as Teesmar Khan has proved to be a joker.

No other leader would ever go to Russia’

Strategic affairs expert Valerio Fabbri has written about Imran becoming ‘Joker’ in his blog. He has quoted analysts as saying that in view of the tension between Russia and Ukraine (Russia-Ukraine), any other leader would have avoided traveling to Moscow, but Pakistani PM Imran Khan reached there. In fact, Imran wanted to show that he had managed to build closeness with Russia, so that he would get the respect and accolades that he has been missing till now in ‘Ghar’. So without thinking much he reached Moscow.

Loss in the hope of profit

Fabry further wrote, ‘However, Imran’s visit failed to achieve its objective and it put Pakistan’s relations with Western countries at risk’. According to Fabry, it remains to be seen whether Putin will accept Khan’s invitation to visit Islamabad later this year. If Putin does this, he will be the first Russian leader to visit Pakistan. However, it is unlikely that Putin will anger India and move closer to Pakistan.

Imran caught in Putin’s trap

Cricketer-turned-politician Imran had arrived in Russia with hopes of expanding bilateral ties and cooperation in the energy sector, but the results were quite the opposite. There was no mention of any settlement in separate press releases issued by the two sides after the visit. Apart from this, Imran also had to face criticism regarding the timing of the tour. Overall, the Pakistan Prime Minister’s visit to Russia failed miserably. He himself got caught in the trap created by Putin.

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